woman’s hour

woman's hourI have an exciting announcement! This coming Wednesday August 7th, I will be giving a short interview on Woman’s Hour on BBC Radio 4 about my sex ed post.

The focus of the interview is going to be why I wrote my wishlist and what kind of responses I’ve had. Woman’s Hour will be tweeting and inviting live listener response. I will also undoubtedly be having a bit of a tweet, so do follow me @tinyorc if you want to yell at me directly!

You can tune in from 10am on Wednesday on 92-95 FM or 103-105 FM (with some local variations apparently)  or you can listen on BBC Radio 4 iPlayer. For more information on your various listening options, go to Radio 4’s helpful help page.

Also, if you are busy at 10am on Wednesday (as many people frequently are), you can always listen to it later on the Woman’s Hour page.

I am (understandably) madly excited that someone liked my opinions enough to invite me to come and talk about them on a national platform, and even more so that the someone is the BBC and Woman’s Hour. Sex ed is a subject that literally everyone seems to have opinions about, so I’d love it if you guys could tune in and get involved in the conversation. Plus, those of you who have never met me get to hear what I sound like!

Hope to hear from you all on Wednesday!


I want to yell at you

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