Other writing

Some of my writing (and also talking) is elsewhere on the Internet.

BBC Radio 4

Sex education on Women’s Hour – Listen to me on Women’s Hour speaking to Jenni Murray about my sex education wish list.

Oxfam Policy & Practice

Women’s Collective Action –  what we’ve learnt – While working at Oxfam GB, I was involved in learning and communications for the Women’s Collective Action research project. The research took the form of three case studies in Ethiopia, Mali and Tanzania with the goal of finding out how working together collectively can help women smallholder farmers gain access to markets and improve their livelihoods.

Oxford International Centre for Publishing Studies

JISC and the future of scholarly journals – A short article about Open Access and the future of the journals industry in the UK in the wake of the Finch Report.


The Sex Education I’d Wish I Had – Role/Reboot is an excellent gender website that republished my post on sex ed and how I definitely didn’t have enough of it growing up.

The Telegraph Online

Blog for the Better Sex Education campaign – The Telegraph asked me to contribute a piece on sex education to the Better Sex Education campaign. The end result has some rather odd edits which no one ran past me, but I stand by the overall message. Fair warning, a video of me talking pops up at the start.

The Good Men Project

I wrote the following articles for the Good Men Project back in 2011/12.

  • I am a female nerd. Apparently. – My personal experience of being labelled a “female nerd” and how I felt that the stereotype had morphed into another version of Manic Pixie Dream Girl.
  • The Reality of Facebook – A (non-gender focused) piece about growing up during the advent of the Internet as we know it today and how it shaped my communication skills and development as a person.
  • “Don’t Get Raped” vs. “Don’t Rape”: An Inquiry – When the SlutWalk movement was at its height, I attempted to unpack the specifics of the popular slogan “Society teaches Don’t Get Raped instead of Don’t Rape.” Please note that my thinking on this subject has evolved substantially since then (not least because of the explosive response I got) and while I still think there are some valid points, I no longer agree with everything I wrote here.